Chintan Jain

Few Things Left Unsaid - Book Review

Few Things Left Unsaid

The book starts with a person who has no intention of where his life is going. This is one of the best point which the author has shown as most of our youths today has no direction about their future. As time passes on, the guy(Aditya) goes to college. Aditya seems to be a kind of fun loving guy with lots of potential but fail to know what he can himself do.

Life changes on the very first day of college when he see the girl(Riya) in her class, and things turn out to be going good from there. Three other friends joined the group and the story continues to grow further. Aditya starts taking life and education seriously and empower Riya to do the same, but Riya, as we see, a emotional girl fail to understand the true and caring nature of the guy and goes into the wrong way.

The book is all about friendship, how it can be broken into pieces within few minutes and how quickly it can turn out to be your biggest asset. It's also a story about love, which never fail to give out impression on every page of the book. Continuing with the book, things turn out to be worse between them and finally breakup was the only option left. Aditya is now in his worst position of life and Riya, no clue where she is been, as part of the book. But in the end they both meet together with a thrilling suspense, maybe created by some natural powers or GOD.

We give this book a 3.5/5 Star Rating. So what are you waiting for? Find out how Aditya and Riya meet in the end with a suspense and surprise package by getting this book from Flipkart.