Chintan Jain

Loved, Lost & Lived - Book Review

Loved Lost & lived

The book starts with a extra ordinary journey of a Guy(Ishaan) who seems to be tired with his life and searching for answers for his questions over life. Everyone of us comes to this stage of life, where our own existence comes into danger, the same happens with the ishaan wherein he goes away from home to find out answers for his life.

Interestingly, he meet the girl(Anjali) over Facebook and start conversation. The conversation take a new loop of angle and becomes to grow even more and more as and when the day progress. Chats and Phone calls becomes ishaan life, and slowly anjali becomes ishaan's destiny.

When everything was going well and fine, life seems to take a big divergence in their life and they take some important decisions of their life. But what was the important decision? Do they meet in the end or they never do?

The author has made the book really exciting to read and watch out for the suspense prevailing over next page. An Extra effect added with the beautiful lyrics and poems by the author to make the book more interesting and beautiful to read out. At the end, the author gives out a simple message for the society and especially for parents to learn and reach out in positive attitude.

We give this book a 4.5/5 Star Rating. So what are you waiting for? Find out the hidden and true message the author wants to give to the society by getting this book from Flipkart.