Challenges faced during "100 days Writing Goal"

Challenges faced during 100 days Writing Goal

If you know me well, you would probably know that one of the biggest challenges I have been facing over the last one year is to actively maintain I have been trying to find out ways to actively maintain it by posting experiences, but for some reason have not been able to do this effectively (maybe because of lack of motivation and sometime laziness too).

Although, I had lot of stories to tell to the world but for some reason that kick which could make me to get this done was always missing.

And thus I decided to take up this challenge with a selfish motive of finishing all my backlog over the last few months and write few experiences which really mattered to me a lot.

However, as you know. Challenges are never easy and there’s lot of struggle behind which most times is unseen and unheard.

There are numerous challenges which I have faced during the completion of this goal and here are few of them:

Motivation Issues

It's definitely difficult to be motivated all the time. Although, I had tried to be focussed and motivated most of the times, but there are few days where I would get a set back. There were also couple of occasions wherein I was surrounded by negatives thoughts as well. But thanks to occasions like new year celebration, valentine's day celebration, birthday of special one’s which gave me more boost for this project.

Not being Consistent

Although we have been thought to be consistent in this challenge during our learning camp, somehow I missed out on lot of occasions. Additionally, thanks to our weekends and public holidays wherein I use to hangout with friends and other people and therefore had not been able to write on many such days.

Postponed Trips/Vacations

I couldn’t enjoy my family vacations/outings, as I always use to think how many articles have I completed, how many are left and so on. Because of which, I decided to stay home alone and not been with them on couple of vacations. Apparently, it gave me more time for myself for the first time and I could not explore lot of things being alone.

No Writing in Office time

Yes. I made this very clear to myself that I am not gonna write even a single word during my office hours. And would only brainstorm idea during the 15 min break which we decided to get together.

Scared and Afraid

I was definitely afraid and scared a lot when I took up this challenge. Because it is definitely not a easy one and I had already committed on it in front of the crowd. Everyday I would remember the commitment I gave and what would happen if I don’t achieve it. But if challenges aren’t scary then what is the point in taking up them?

Shortage of Time

For most of the articles, it took about 1 hours on an average. But for some experiences, it even went to 3 hours and thus time management went for a complete toss. But it’s good to know now what things took really long and what took the average time.

No Support

I didn’t inform my parents, friends or probably anyone about this. Because I come from a background where doing business is the ultimate thing in life and this probably wouldn’t have make a difference in anyone’s life. But sometime it’s good to know that apart from doing business, now you are also good at writing.

In Search of Topics

Although, I had decent number of topics to write on (thanks to my backlog), but I was stuck up at a point wherein I exhausted all the topics I decided to write on within few days. This gave me a chance to explore more ideas outside my current scope.

No Partying with friends

Yes, you heard me correct. Because I had a goal in my mind that I wanted to complete this before time, so I literally had to skip 3-4 parties with friends. But that’s okay. We party every month and skipping just few of them for challenges like this is definitely worth it.

Phew. I couldn't think of any other challenge after this

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P.S. Like it? Or inspired by this? Why not take up a challenge in life and see how far you can go.