Depression is Real - Why you should know about it

Depression is Real

Depression is, in most of the cases, is still seen as a western disease. And in many scenarios of sufferers, family and friends would not even believe that they are facing with depression.

Instead of people naming it differently like exaggeration, laziness, selfishness, or an attempt to punish, people need to understand that depression is real and it’s affecting the whole world and so does any other person around you.

Depression is a fact. Although this was not invented by pharma companies, but this has been there throughout centuries and we are just trying to understand more deeply about how it affects our brain. But it definitely exist.

Depression varies from person to person and there are so many types to it including situational depression, postpartum depression, dysthymia, and major depression - so it is difficult to understand what sort of depression is someone undergoing at the moment.

Another problem is that most people understand depression symptoms itself wrongly, as they think it is merely an act of someone getting upset or hurt with something. But it is not. It can deeply affect all your neurons, when not understood properly and not been taken care of appropriately.

About few years ago, I was in depression for about 4 years. And those 4 years were extremely terrible years of my life. Although, I have been successfully out of depressions, but when I look back how things have shaped up during those times, they were extremely terrible.

Experiencing depression is an environment where you no longer feel good about anything and ultimately you end up killing/murdering your own life (believe me, I know).

Watch this video and you would exactly know what depression is all about and why we need to talk about it.

Part of my journey and research, I have written some more fantastic articles on why people get into depression even after knowing what it is really all about and what it can do to us. There are also some proven ways to overcome depression in life. But mostly importantly is to know signs which causes depression in our life.

Hope you enjoy all of them.