How to find the Darker side of yourself?

Finding Darker Side

Humans generally hate unhappiness, anger, sadness and other negative emotions. Recently, i did a tour of a bookstore and found there are numerous number of books on happiness and how to find them. However, as someone said, we will never be able to harness our true power if we would never be able to find out all of our emotions. Infact, I believe, a bit of anger, anxiety and guilt can help us achieve great things in life.

I believe most people would agree to me on this that everybody in this world have their darker side. But the real question is how to find out? So I am going to tell you some of the ways I have been using to find out the darker side of mine.


Just imagine a reporter asking you for an interview. Think about 5 things that you don’t want the reporter to say about you and 5 things you are okay with the reporter talking about you. If you are not comfortable with this, then try asking to yourself what are those things which you dislike in others. And why? Do you do the same things?

Over valuing Happiness

I am not saying we shouldn’t value happiness at all. But the real problems comes up when we try to overvalue it and thus try to be happy even when we are not. This only shows up that we have a darker side but we aren’t ready to accept it. If you are not happy, express it. This will help you to know yourself better and how to fix it.

Discovery Mode

There are lots of things which you would do daily. For example: Getting angry while playing some of your favorite sport (just because the opponent played a prank on you), ignoring someone’s comment if though they have a valid point for you, not able to mingle with people easily and so on. These are some of your darker sides which you know but you don’t want others to know about it. Once you get to know what are your weaknesses, try to improve on them by reflecting sometime towards it.

Open Up

Its difficult to carry a huge baggage on your shoulder and walking the path. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to let go some of our bags and try to be open up with others.

Taking Risks

Find out our darker is not easy as it seems like. It’s extremely tough and most times people get uncomfortable during this exercise. But the best things in life comes with risks. While you start, it may look like risk and you might get uncomfortable but after sometime it will become exciting as you would be able to learn new skills.

P.S. There are no right and wrong. Everybody has a darker side and its important for us to know to help us become a better person.