How to find friends who can be your bestfriends

How to find a friend who is your bestfriend

Finding a friend who is can become your best friend lifetime can be very tricky, emotional and confusing.

There are always signs for everything in life. Even to find best friends, there are so many signs. Follow some of these and you will be surprised to find how many best friends you have.

--> You speak to each other in a way that nobody else can encrypt your conversations.

--> You feel at most comfortable with each other when they are around.

--> You share all your secrets knowing the fact that they would never leak it out.

--> They are always upto date on social networks with it comes to you. They are also the ones who would like all your pictures and status on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, irrespective of how good or bad they are.

--> You always owe money to each other's most times.

--> You insult your friend a lot when they are alone and around you.

--> You know their wardrobe in and out.

--> You can sense if there is any problem even without them saying itself.

--> You are friends of people in their family, cousins and pretty much everybody who are part of their life.

--> You want to spend time with each others all the time.

--> You travel a lot with each other, because your frequency matches so you prefer to go together on vacations.

--> You discuss some of the important things freely - money, religion, family, sex.

These are just few of them which we can use to realize who our best friends are.