How to find friends which are priceless

How to find friends which are priceless

Finding a friend who is not just your best friend, but also your priceless friend for lifetime can be very tricky, emotional and confusing.

You have to consider a lot of ways for finding out who are the ones you would want to stay connected to in life all the time, or find friends which are extremely priceless.

Time Spent

This is one of the most important criteria for finding out if someone is really your priceless friend or not. Most people are just hi-bye friends, while there are few people who would really want to spend time with you in knowing you, helping you, and so on. These are the actual ones whom you would want to find out.


The next thing is to find out who are all those people who listen to you when you share your stuff. While most people would only want to share their stuff and when your turn comes up, they would simply ignore you. Are they one of those who talk only about themselves or they belong to a category where they truly listen to you and then make their comments.

Response Time

Friends which truly want to be in your life, always stay connected to you via any medium - can be phone calls, messages, texts, and so on. While people who simply don’t care would not even bother much about you, but priceless friends would connect with you and keep you informed about every little things in their life.

Problematic Situations

Most people would leave you alone when you get into any problems. But your true friends are the ones which would never leave you inspite of any problems. Get to know who they are and you are pretty close to finding them.

Support Systems

If you have someone who is always there for you, no matter what, then those are the ones you are looking for in life. It is really difficult to find people like that, and when you do, make sure you don’t leave them.


Find out whether your friends judge you based on a single conversation you had with them or it takes lot of conversation for them to decide who you truly are. If you have someone who takes time to know you and then decide whether they should be with you or not, then that’s exactly what you were looking for.

Looking for a friend which is priceless in nature, is extremely difficult. And I know a lot of times, we simply ignore these people for others. Basically, to get temporary benefits we ignore permanent friends. I hope this article has thrown some lights on how you can find people who are really priceless in nature.