How to know if you are feeling lost in this life

How to know if you are feeling lost in this life

A lot of people I know are feeling lost in this life. They don’t know who they are, what they are doing, how is it going to benefit them, where they are progressing in life, what is the purpose of doing a certain activity, whether there is any purpose of their lives and so on.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? And that’s when I decided to write about how can someone find out if they are feeling lost.

Lost connection with heart and soul

If you are one of them who pay too much attention to rational thinking, then you would no longer be able to hear your inner voice. As a result, you would make more rational decisions than emotional (rational decisions are good, but most times you need to make decisions which are emotional in nature).

Living on what people says is right

Most people stick to the general thinking of following what they have been taught by their parents, family members, teachers, friends, and society. If you are one of them who believe that what everybody say is true for you, then you would very soon fall yourself lost. While it is good to follow what everybody has told us, but it also good to question the authenticity and then follow it.

Valuing others opinion first

If you are most likely to get attracted to what everybody has to tell and follow it all the time, then you belong to this. Valuing everyone opinion is definitely a good choice (when you have no idea about certain things), but it is not a substitute for putting down yours and valuing only theirs all the time.

Ruled by fear

We all fears in our life. Some of them have fear all the time - in their minds, in their heart, in the work they do, in the decision they make, in their relationships and pretty much everywhere. If you have fear at all of these situations, then congratulations, you no longer need to think because you definitely belong to this category. Because you have no connection with love and confidence, which is why fear has taken a rule in everything you do in your life.

Spending time with wrong crowd

If you are one of them who is spending most of your time wandering around with people who spread negativity and gossips, then trust me you would most likely feel lost. The best thing to do here is to find new groups, join them and spend time with new people. Connect with people whom you think can really make a difference in your life.

Too much attachment with past

If you are one of them who always think about your past and can’t let it go easily, then you no longer be able to free yourself from these thoughts. You will most likely end up in situations where you would compare it with your past and this is definitely not good for you.

Controlling everything

While it’s good to make plans and follow it, but that doesn’t mean that you would control everything little things in your life. Once you lose your heart and soul over this, then you would no longer be able to come back, and as a result, you would feel more upset when you don’t achieve results or when certain things doesn’t happen your way.

Feeling lost in life is a natural thing. We all feel lost from time to time, and even though you might not agree that you have also felt lost in this life, but this is the beauty about this life. It’s an experience to follow, a journey to fulfil.