How to make friendship with anyone you want

How to make friendship with anyone you want

Who doesn’t like to meet new people everyday and connect to people with whom they can spend their day and life.

But if you are not a super confident person and still want to make new friends, then it can be extremely difficult for you. If you are looking to expand your network and connect to some amazing people you want to then brush up your skills so that you can get down to how to find new bff’s

Because making friendship with anyone is only possible if we are able to have conversation with anyone. I know a lot of people aren’t able to do this because they are not confident or might think what the other person would think about them. So I am gonna list out some of the ways by which you can make conversation with anyone you want and then friendship can be done later as well.

Observe People

Make a list of 5-10 people whom you want to make friendship with. Try and observe what they do whenever you are around them. Spot few things about them by which you make conversation with them. For example: If they are playing table tennis, then observe what kind of shots are they playing, how many matches they have won. And once the match is completed, go ahead and congratulate them for winning/losing and start conversation around what you observed.

Start Playing Games

One of the most amazing way I have myself used to connect to some amazing people is to start playing games. Whatever game you like, be it indoor outdoor, go ahead and play it. Even if you don’t know and still wondering how to play, don’t worry. Just go out and play. If you know the game, you can always learn some new shots and moves of the game from other people. If you are newbie, you can always learn how to play the game itself. Either ways, you will get to talk to people whom you want to make friendship with.

Read About them

I know this sounds little bit awkward. But that’s okay. Sometime you need to do your homework before going into the battlefield. Go to any social networking site, find them and then checkout what they like, what places they have visited, etc. Once you collect some basic information, go and find them and talk to them about it. For example: If you have found that they have visited a particular place, which you also want to visit, then start the conversation on how far is the place, how did they travel, where did they stayed, what are the nearby places to watchout, etc.

Do Something Amazing

One of the best ways of connecting to people is to do something really amazing and publish it. For example: If you are visiting a new place and you think its really amazing, then share the link of photos with the one whom you want to connect, this way, you would start a conversation with them.

Plan a trip

And invite them. Once of the most workable method of making friendships is to go to go on a vacation and invite everyone whom you think have the same interest.

Ofcourse, these things can only be applied to people whom you have seen but are yet to talk. Maybe, someday I would also write up on how to make friendship with unknown people.