How to overcome Depression easily

How to overcome Depression

Depression affects people of every age, economic situation, and race. In some point or the other in our life, we will get depressed.

In our previous article, we talked about why people get into depression so easily and how you can know whether you are also one among them or not.

While I don’t know the exact cause of depressions, a number of things are usually linked to it which causes depression. Usually people think that depression occurs due to a single and immediate event, but it is not the case. Depression usually occur from a combination of past events and other longer term or personal factors.

Following are some of the ways I have implemented personally to get out of depression:

Enhance Relationships

If there are people whom you want to get closer to. Take small steps to make it happen. Try to change your behavior towards them. Try to give them more of your time. Make plans for them, stick to the arrangements you have made. If they are your world, make them happy and automatically your world will be happy. Not just this, when you make someone happy, they tend to give you back and indirectly you get all the benefits.

This just doesn’t apply to partners alone, it can be applied to family members, friends and many others too.

Disconnect from Social Media

Instead of checking out images and videos of everyone who is enjoying their life to the core, take a step back and close down social media channels for a while.

Choose to look at social media only once or twice in a day and see how it can make a difference in your life. Also, try to spend the time which you have got from abandoning social media on people who are most important to you.

Spend time with Friends/Family/Partners

When you are in someone else company like your partner, family, friends; you can no longer stay depressed in life. I haven’t seen anyone saying to me that they were with their family all the time and yet haven’t been able to get rid of depression.

Try to spend more time with people whom you want in your life. If you are shy enough to call your friends and ask for a get together, text them (because that is the easiest thing to do).

Go Outside

Whenever you are depressed, go outside your house and spend time alone. When we go outside, we see a lot of happy faces, some known and others unknown. But that doesn't matter. All matter is when we go out, we sort of feel relaxed and generally we tend to get back to form after this.

Follow Gratitude

There are so many good things happening around you. Why not start a life of gratitude where you appreciate whatever you see (even though it is a small or big thing). I have start appreciating my parents everyday for whatever they do daily to me, starting from making food for me to letting me know that I am the best thing happen to them in life. Plenty of them actually.

P.S. These are some of the ways I have found highly effective to fight against depression and get you back on the track.