All Problems in life can be Solved using this!

All Problems in life can be Solved using this!

Everyone has problems in their life. For most of the problems, we encounter, we are able to solve it without much trouble. We either come up with a quick solution or use some sort of strategy which worked well for us in the past.

For example: If you haven’t done your homework and because of which you have got beating from your teachers, you would try to avoid this and do your homework on time. Similarly, if you are late for the meetings everyday, then you would try to get up early next day to avoid getting late.

Our problems becomes more difficult when we have no straightforward answer to it. There are so many problems like that in our life for which we have no obvious solutions or strategies that can work for us. These types of problems can cause stress and depression in our life.

In this article, I am not going to talk about how you can find obvious answers to your complicated problems, because there aren’t any. Infact, I am going to talk about few case study of people in my life who have had extreme levels of problems, but because of few statements, they changed their life completely.

Recently, I have had lot of troubling time in my life. This includes most at my workplace wherein I have been perceived as wrong, inspite of doing a lot of good things to people who were either good or bad to me. Because, I belong to a community where doing good is not equal to (<>) showing good. All we focus is to good to everyone and if they don’t realize it, it is still okay because at the end of our life when you visit God, he surely knows the true you.

I was almost on the verge of giving up everything I have achieved during the last few years.

So I went to mom and explained her everything. I usually share everything with my mom of whatever happens in my life. Because I am very close to her and she still pampers me a lot (like how our mom’s used to pamper us when we were kids).

After which she told me a real life incident which she has encountered in someone’s life.

Beginning of the Realization

The story is very simple. A girl is married to a family wherein she move away from the family (where she was born and brought up) to the family where her husband and in laws live. There were few misunderstanding after few months of her marriage between her and her in-laws. Btw, both the parties (she and her in-laws) respect each other’s opinion and finally they decided that they can no longer live together.

As a result, the girl moved away to her hometown (where she was born and brought up) and they even signed divorce papers ending up a beautiful relationships. Both the guy and girl were still unmarried to anyone else, because they wanted to be with each other, but unfortunately, destiny didn’t allow them to.

We have something known as “Jain Pathshala”, because I come from a Jain/Marwadi background, where we have classes pretty much everyday from our religious saints who give us knowledge and solutions to most of the problems. So this girl, have been going to these classes for quite sometime, to come out of stress and to forget everything.

Whatever happen that day, she would never forget in her life. It was pretty common day for her and it has been over 6 months since they had divorce with each other. She went to the same classes and few statements came out from our saints which totally changed the way she has seen her life all through the last few years.

These were those:

“Who doesn’t have problems in life. Tell me one person who has no problems.”

Following to this, our saint added few more points

“People who are rich have madness about where to save/invest”. On the other hand, “People who are poor are always feeling bad when they see someone rich”. “People who have jobs are not happy because they job is not good”. On the other hand “People who doesn’t even have job, are unhappy because they don’t have a way to earn”.

And then our saint repeated again.

“Who doesn’t have problems in life. Tell me one person who has no problems”.

These few statements have completely changed her life. She immediately went to her home and decided that she is gonna go back to the same house where she was been married. Because even if she goes to a newer house marrying someone else, there is no guarantee that there wouldn’t be any problems. Why you want to experience new problems when you can handle existing one itself.

This simple thing has changed her life completely. Today, after about 12 months laters, she is happily married once again to the same person with the same family. And the most important thing is, she is absolutely happy with her decision.

When I thought about this, I was completely surprised with the facts that I had very small problems in my life. And that person who had such a big problem didn’t give up in life. Then why should I too?

So how does this changed? How did the person who was about to give up or already gave suddenly bounce back in life?

It is all because we have understood one basic fact about life. Wherever you go, you will have problems. If you keep running away, you will only invite new problems. And this would never end. Why do you want to keep inviting new problems when you can manage existing ones itself?

If this has made you emotional or touched your heart, then do give me few claps to show your gratefulness.