How to Increase Dividends of your Life

How to Increase Dividends of your Life

Before getting more in detail about how to do it. We need to understand what is “Dividend” all about? Dividend is mostly used in Shareholding market where shareholders gets a small percentage of profit shared by the company regularly (typically every year).

When I thought about getting dividend regularly from our shares, I felt that the concept is so good. So I decided to apply this in life as well.

How could you do it? Everybody has to die one day and when this happen we go to God house, there are only 2 stacks which God would present to us: our good stack (things which we have done good for others or good deeds) and bad stack (things which we have done bad for others or bad deeds). Basis these stacks, we would be sent to Heaven or Hell.

So my concept is very simple. I work in both the ways: try and reduce points in my bad stack (typically reaching out to people who have felt bad because of me) and increase points my good stack (by doing more good things to others).

-> Buy a gift for your mother or grandmother - Just like that

-> Have a desire to do good to others, no matter how good or bad they are.

-> Whatever you give, give them whole hearted and not half hearted.

-> Share your money for some of the good causes like women charity, animal protection, etc.

-> Rescue an animal (dog, cat, anyone) from someone who torture them everyday.

-> Support people who are not having any shelter by sharing something with them regularly.

-> Give a rid to someone who cannot afford.

-> Connect little bit more towards God. Try visiting religious institutions.

-> Mentor someone who is in desperate need of someone.

-> Giveaway all those stuffs which you aren’t using for the last 3 months. It can be anything - clothes, shoes, food, anything.

-> Go one day without complaining about anything in life.

-> Feed someone who is in need of it.

-> Show your kindness not just to humans, but also to animals.

-> Share your knowledge to people.

-> Give a surprise visit to your grandparents (if they aren’t living together). It is such a beautiful feeling for them.

-> Forgive others and most importantly yourself when you make mistakes.

P.S. Just few of them which I used to increase points in my good stack for life. Try out, it is definitely a good idea to visit God after having more points in the good stack versus the bad one.