Is “No Goal” really the best Goal?

No goal is Best Goal

All through our life, we have had goals. It differs from people to people and get incremented everyday. For few the goal is to get good marks while for others it is to get a job. For many it is to live a happy married life and for few it is to go on a foreign vacations every year. And so on.

So technically, we are all living a life of race. A race where you have already decided what you will get when you will reach the destination.

An interesting quote stuck my mind and might counter attack this article itself:

“You’ll never get anywhere unless you know where you’re going.”

Well this definitely seems logical and practical.

The Finder

Recently, my phone stopped working for a day and I wasn’t able to access Google Maps to navigate my route. And thus it forced me to use conventional method of asking for directions from other people to reach my destination. A thought provoking concept came in my mind during this incident. Just like this, what if we had no access to our goals on any given day, what would we want to do?

At first when I thought about it, my mind automatically told me that this is “bullshit” idea. However, when I stumbled upon few other resources on the internet, I was surprised to find out I was not the only one to think about it. There are plenty others who have been thinking the way I have.

Interesting view - Goals vs Zen

Recently, I have come across an interesting article on of the most popular website about goals vs zen. And hence I would like to summarize what everybody are talking about.

Goals way - On one side, you have those who believe in setting goals and working on it everyday to achieve them.

Zen way - On the other side, you firmly believe that you shouldn’t keep goals at all. Because you want to experience life as it comes to you.

I usually believe that life has to be an approach of being systematic, action oriented goals for most of the things we do during the day. However, if you build a plan for your life, you would never be able to see other experiences apart from the plan you made and that’s the beauty about “no goals”.

Ultimately, it all depends on where you want to go and what you wanna do in this life.

An Experiment

Conduct this simple experiment. Go out and walk in any random direction. Feel free to change directions randomly as you like. After about 20 minutes or an hour, you will be somewhere.

You will be surprised to know wherever you are. You have to open up your mind to go to places you have never expected to go. And that’s the beauty of this experiment. You will explore new places. You will learn unexpected things on your way. You will end up in a surprising place. That’s the beauty of this philosophy, but it’s also a difficult transition.

What happens when you have No Goals?

Ever thought how life would be if you don’t plan for a day and just go with whatever comes on your way?

Often it is said that when you put goals, you start living for future. However, having no goals simply means that you enjoy your life as it comes and you start living in the present, instead for future. It also means that you don’t want to restrict yourself and your thoughts to be limited only toward goals.

I love the following quotes:

“If you have no goal then you have no purpose other than life itself.”
“LIfe is an art of drawing without an eraser.”

So once in awhile, take a vacation with absolutely no planning for hotels and places to watch. Just live life without planning. And you never know what is waiting for you.