10 Leadership lessons I have learnt so far

10 Leadership lessons I have learnt so far

Leadership is not something which you get when you are born, instead, it is an art which you cultivate during your journey in life.

Most people take responsibility of themselves and train themselves to be more effective. You might learn this from your personal and professional experience in life. During the course of my journey, I have learnt some of the most amazing leadership lessons from people around me which i would like to share.

Talk less, listen more

Great leaders always listen more than talk all the time. Only if you are able to listen to everyone carefully, you will be able to make decisions which are not just effective but are also helpful for everyone.

Being right is not the goal

There are times when you will have to keep quiet and not say anything, because being right is not always the right thing to do. Sometime you have to sacrifice your right thing for the wrong ones.

Keep trying new things

A leader never say no for trying out new things. A leader is always optimistic about new opportunities and keep exploring everytime an event exist.

Build Collaboration

More than concentrating just on themselves, leaders always prefer to concentrate more on building and strengthening the team. They try to setup a process wherein everybody has access to all the important things required to make decisions.

Concentrate more on learning

A good leader always encourage people to learn new things. Because they want their team to be competitive to everyone else in the market, they make sure that they give them all the resources and materials to learn.

Create more leaders

One of the most thing for leaders is not just to learn and progress in life, but they also need to create new leaders in their community who can take charge and become the next leaders.

Give due credit

Whenever people do something good, it becomes extremely important for a leader to give them their credit. It is not because people expect appreciation all the time, but it is important for a leader to build trust within their team and let others know that they truly know that you have done an amazing job.

Give Responsibility

A good leader always make sure that they give people enough responsibility to ensure that they are accountable for whatever they do. When you give them a sense of accountability, people make sure that they always try to be at par with your expectations. And that’s exactly what a leader wants.

Build Trust

A good leader always ensure that they want to build trust within their team. They take measures to build trust and help everyone work together in a streamlines way.

Leading by example

A leader always lead by example. You can see it in their actions, the way they do certain things and the way they handle the team. Everything is actions. And people see what they show to them.

These are few lessons which i have learnt recently. We are seeing these things every other day, but aren’t thinking too much about it. If we start thinking and start following, then we would definitely become a great leader too.