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8 amazing things I learnt from "Dear Zindagi" movie

Dear Zindagi Movie - Lessons Learnt

"Dear Zindagi" is one of the best films I have watched in recent times that gives direction to life, bring us out of the negative world using real world examples, tell us to be who we are, show us the world of happiness and how to get there.

This film unlock the secret of getting happiness. These secrets are some of those treasures which I have discovered in my life, and I wished these were told to us when we were young.

One of the famous lines in this movie:

“Bachchpan main jab rona aata hai, toh bade bolte hai aasun pocho. Jab gussa aata hai, toh bade kehte hai smile taaki ghar ki shanti bani rahe. nafrat karna chahe, toh ijazat nahi di. And jab pyaar karna chahe, toh pata chala ye saala emotional system hi gadbada gaya, kaam nahi kar raha, cannot function. Rona, gussa, nafrat kuch bhi khul ke express nahi karne diya. Ab pyaar kaise express kare?"

This is one of the famous song from the movie, which takes you life into a whole new experience:

For those who haven’t watched this film yet, here are some of the interesting and happy lessons I have learnt from this movie.

Choose easy way

In the movie, when Alia breaks up with her boyfriend, she goes into a emotional depression because she had a dream to work with her boyfriend and was one of her biggest dreams. But towards the mid, she decides to say no to the assignment, bot because she is not capable of it, but because she think some things should just be left like that.

Some decisions might look like so difficult and stressful to us, but they are not. And it is definitely okay to choose the easy or simple epath, than choosing difficult or stressful path.

Choose Quality over Quantity

When you grow up in life, you tend to lose a lot of friends around you, and sometimes it’s okay. Because Quality of friends > Quantity of friends. You don’t have to have too many friends in your life just for the sake of it. Probably, just a few meaningful friendships are good to go.

Express Yourself

There were times where you wanted to cry, feel angry, throw something. But you didn’t because people stopped you from doing it. And all of these emotions piled up and have now become the biggest source of your problems.

It’s okay to cry when you feel like doing. It is definitely okay to scream at others (if that gives you a sense of relief). It’s okay to bring out all of these emotions from time to time.

Talk to your Parents

When Alia was given a task to talk to their parents for 10 minutes, she wasn’t even able to do a 4 minute conversation with her dad. And why is so? When we become adults, we blame our parents for lot of our problems in life and stop having conversations with them.

But remember, our parents have sacrifices lot of things in our life to get us to where we are today. They have sacrificed their personal likes and dislikes, their careers and many others. But how long are you gonna hold hatred against them. Remember, they aren’t growing younger and may have limited time left.

Start a conversation with them. If they have done some mistakes, forgive them. Because they have forgiving you too for lot of your mistakes. But give them another chance to come back to you life.

Treasure Good Memories

We have have good and bad memories. But most of the time, we always remember bad memories and cry over it. Instead we can always think about good memories and feel bad about it. Then why aren’t we doing it? Is a great question for all of us to be asked.

The Right Chair

Not everyone whom you meet in life is eligible for you. And you will have to meet a lot of ineligible people to inorder to find someone who is eligible. Just like when we go to a furniture shop to buy chairs, we sit on lot of chairs, some are comfortable and some are not. We buy chairs which are comfortable for us. Similarly, we have to find people whom we are comfortable with in life.

Come out of Past

In the movie where Alia always think about her past before doing anything in life. Her past memories haunts her so much which makes her getting hurt again and again. Shah Rukh on the other hand ask her to let go her past and invest more time in her present so that she can create a beautiful and memorable future.

Find a Mentor

Just like how Alia found her mentor in Shah Rukh in the movie and that changed everything in her life. You need to find someone like that who can give you advice which really works. There maybe lot of people around you like that who might be like that to you, but you haven’t noticed them. Think about it. If feels go good when you can share all of your problems to him/her and they have all readymade solutions for you.

P.S. Some of these things might sound little to most of us, but they aren’t. And that is what this movie tells us.