Lessons I learned in my life

"Life teach us lessons in every situations. There are few which I have witnessed/learned, sharing with you all to get a better meaning of life."

11) Set a good example

This life is one of the best example of what you can get/achieve. Everyone has a goal to achieve, but only some do, let's make an effort from today onwards to work toward our dreams and set a good example to our community, friends, and to people who support us with a diehard belief.

10) Leave the past where it belongs

Many might go ahead with it, but for some, like me! Its highly impossible to get out of the past. By Past, i am not just referring to Love, its also about Dreams, Inspiration, Success, Friendship and many other.

9) Drop the Comparisons

Little bit difficult, isn't it? but its highly recommended by Riten Jain. I must say comparing yourself with others is just like doubting on our own idea and concept.

8) Respect everyone

As everyone says, if you inspire/respect someone's idea today, probably you might also get the same treatment in future.

7) Good friends are priceless

Many fails to understand, even I did the same, but never been late, as this is life, we always learn from our mistakes. Keep friendship with everyone no matter what they did or will do to you in your past, present and future.

6) Sacrifices you make today will pay dividends in the future

One of the highly recommended lesson I have ever learned in my life. Don't be bother about the results, if you trust your idea, definitely its gonna work and will pay you for your efforts in future.

5) This is the life, make the most out of it

I Guess there is nothing as such left out to be told in this regard, just one saying "Always strive for the best".

4) Before you begin, you need to decide where you want to go

In life, you should always have a goal before you start out something. One should always have a clear plan about their destiny of their goal.

3) If you are to make a choice, always account for variable change

Little Bit Tricky, Isn't it? One should always think for going with the solutions that defines your variable change. Inspired from the movie "Twenty One", which is also listed out in best inspirational movies, wherein the guy always takes decision on basis of statistical changes and not based of emotions.

2) what people think is none of your business

Most of us fall in the trap of what people would think of us if we do this or do that! Take my words, "Everyone is so busy in their life, working for themselves". It's always better to work on your goals and on your path to reach success.

1) your true character is visible only when you help people who can't return you back

This is where I learn most of my lessons of life of not to expect anything, but still help everyone in all possible ways and work on your own path. Ofcourse, helping is definitely a good sign of motivation and trust me, "God will definitely pay you in future".