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5 Amazing Group of People I am grateful to in my life

People I am grateful to in my life

Being grateful to people is an art and is not developed in a day’s time. It takes a lot of practice to know who are your true people who have made you what you are today.

A lot of people in my life have asked me to tell them who I am really grateful about and I feel so proud to tell this to the whole world today.

So here you go with of people I am grateful to in my life:

My Parents

The first and foremost important thing in my life is happiness of my parents. Because I truly believe the fact that parents are the real god to everyone and thus I want to cherish whatever they have done for me.

There have been times where we were living in a not so good place, we faced finance problems, there have been fights with other people whom we thought they would help us, problems with financers whom we have lended money and never got back from them, and hell lot of these. But things changed in the last few years and we are now termed as almost equal to “high class family”.

The fact is my parents were always strong in all of these situations and inspite of having so deep problems, they never let me or my brother knew anything about it. We have been sent to one of the best schools available in the community (that too CBSE), we were sent to the second best college in the city, we were given the right education which made us boldly stand in front of the whole world.

And today things have completely changed. People like to be part of us when we are around them. And that’s why I am even more grateful to my parents because they have created this culture for us and I hope we would do the same for our next generation as well.

My Friends/Close-Friends/Best-Friends

Everyone needs friends in their life. And fortunately, I have got hell lot of them around me. There have been friends who supported me all the time (I mean moral and mental support). And have given me countless laughter when I was sad.

There has been school friends, college friends, corporate friends, neighbour friends, community friends and hell lot of them.

Friendship has played an important role in my life. Most friends have helped me to be who I am today, but few friends have also tried to bring me down by spreading negative vibes around me (that is still okay, you cannot have positivity all the time and sometime it’s good to know the negative things too). I am grateful to both of them as they gave me some of the best lessons of life.

My Loved One’s

How can I forget people who were emotional with me all the time. I have found some amazing people in this category who have helped me to the core. There have been people whom I have been in relationships, there have been people who felt me as their world, there are people who don’t just motivate me but also inspire me everyday, there are people who are ready to be with me for lifetime.

Seriously when you have like so many people around you, how can I not be grateful to all of them? If in life I have done something good then it would definitely be connecting with these people who have made a lot of difference in my life. And because of them, it is who I am today.

That One Person

Life truly changes when you get someone like that in your life. So I happen to meet this person in my school during one of the discussions while changing classroom and guess what, we became one of the good friends, close friends, best friends, and so on.

There hasn’t been anyday in my life during school and college, where I haven’t spoken to this person. Atleast bare minimum we have been taking for 2 hours/day and everytime I use to speak, I have always felt that this is the one I was looking for in my life.

So Apart from parents if anymore deserves complete credit of making me who I am today, then it is this person. And I am not just grateful to her, but more than that (I am unable to express words itself now).

Frankly speaking, if there is anyone who after seeing my heart skips a beat, then it is this person.

My Mentors/Teachers

The last in this list, yet should have been first in my list, are my teachers and mentors who have helped me to grow faster in life. My school and college teachers have helped to learn things at a scale. They have shared immense amount of knowledge, tactics and skills which helped me to always be on the outstanding scale.

My mentors have helped me to know the outside world better. There have been situations where I have felt like breaking down, but they have lifted me up and brought back in this world.

Both of them taught me one of the most important lesson of life, of not competing/comparing with others, instead start competing/comparing with who you were yesterday or last week or last month. And I am extremely grateful to them.

P.S. Do you have any grateful people like these in your life. I am sure you do. So why not share with them about what you feel for them and why are grateful for you.