Things to do after Breakup and become stable

Things to do after Breakup & become stable

Breakup!! as we all know is one of the most depressing situations for anyone. Being in love or in a relationship for few months/years, its always difficult to come out of it. People might give many advice to do, but the person who gets into this knows how difficult is to overcome the pain. Today, I have got few awesome techniques to overcome breakup effectively.

Following are some of the proven techniques and steps in which might help if you have had a breakup.

1) Little Obsessed? think over 15 Minutes

Now the first step in tackling the situation is to think on it. If you recently had a breakup, think over it for few minutes. If required write down all positive and negative points in a paper and then BANG!! Just throw the paper in a sea, lake, river or whatever you find, and flush off everything from your mind.

2) Don't pretend everything is fine

I know most people are born smart to not follow this. But this is where your real test begins where you will be facing reality, try telling your best friend(s) what happen exactly. Don't forget, sharing problems lead to better solutions in the end. Frankly speaking, most people won't follow this step, but if you do then it would really help.

3) Go on a fabulous trip

Leaving the city behind, and going for outing is one of the best way to get a clear mindset and forget your past. Believe me, this is the first step I personally tell to my friends who have been to this situation.

4) Go Exercise

One of the best place to relax your mind and take out your sweat and sometimes anger too :P. Jokes apart! Starting up for a yoga or gym classes can make yourself to be more concentrated toward our future. Try out this, and the results would definitely in format of more adequate concentration.

5) Start Chilling with friends

Many are little late in realizing this step, but one of the best and effective step indeed. Friendship does play a major role in getting you out of the breakup world. Tell your friends whatever happen, make sure they don't leak out. I am sure they would help you out and make you happy.

6) Change Your Routine

This step is one of the most crucial step. The more busy you are, faster you recover from the emotional past. Try to write down your complete routine in a paper and make it more strict so that you don't get even a minute to rethink on the past. ofcourse, its little tough for people who have been slightly time bound free the entire day, but noting down your entire schedule and following it would make your life easier.

7) Fix your beliefs about relationships

Right after you breakup, you would definitely think on what all happen, and would in the end turn out flaws on either yourself or the opposite person. Please don't do this. There is nothing wrong with Love and Relationship, sometimes people go wrong and sometimes situations. You just need to understand a simple concept that your love was one of the most beautiful thing you could ever see in this life.

8) Do things you Love

Now this will reduce the chance of getting caught with love and lust. Everytime you get a feeling or remembrance of your ex, slap yourself and go for doing things you love the most, this could be: hanging out with friends, going movie, reading books(Love Books? Please Excuse yourself), shopping for lifestyle, making new friends, working on career, inspiring people, and so on.

9) Stop thinking & Start interacting

Sometime we really think a lot when these things happen to us, but the only possible way to get back to our old life is to start interacting with others more and more. A proven step that helps you to ignore what all bad happen to you and gives you a opportunity to be a positive person ahead.

10) Hit Delete (Recommended Step!!)

Yes, Probably i should enlist this as the 1st step, Never mind! Most people stay behind at this step. Just Unfriend him/her, Unfollow him/her, Delete all chat message in social portals or in phone, Delete all images and videos taken together. I am pretty much sure, you wouldn't want to get a reminder every time you login to your phone or fb atleast. Think on this particular step, as i would definitely recommend you to follow this.

Please Note, if you are expecting a sudden or immediate change after reading the post, then I am Sorry, this Post is not for you. This is for People who keep patience & who are willing to come out with a bright positive future. If you have any problem even after going through these steps, you can mail me anytime and i would be happy to solve them. I assure you, your messages and problems will be in Privacy Mode.

P.S. This is not a life incident of mine, but according to the case study done on my people, it has been proven that the above points are not just effective but also makes a person strong enough for future.