3 Better things to do to yourself instead of Comparing

3 Better things to do to yourself instead of Comparing

Do you always compare yourself with others? Do you often see others achievements vs you own? Do you feel that others are living their life in a great way than you own?

Comparing yourself to others is one of the easiest ways to get upset and feel about yourself. You see what people are doing in social media, at workplace, in relationships, and compare yourself with these folks.

Now that you have already learnt about why is it bad to compare yourself to others, and how to stop comparing yourself to others, it’s time to learn something more interesting on what all you can do instead of comparing.

So the next time you start feeling jealous about others and their accomplishment, try doing some of these things:

List your accomplishments

Whenever you feel you are feeling down or feeling self-depreciated about others success in their life, take responsibility of your own accomplishments and start writing them down. It can be anything, be it short term or long term. Just start listing out things you are proud of in your day, or week, or month or year, or even lifetime.

By putting up these things and listing them, you are making them real, tangible and noteworthy. Then you can pat yourself and feel good about yourself on the things you have done.

Once you do this, you need to take a closer look on the list and think about how you can do these things more often, to get more pat on yourselves.

Set Goals

The only benefit I see in comparing yourself to others is that you can push yourself to get better. You can’t become someone else, but you can definitely learn from your own success and adopt some of the habits which created success for you.

So take a note of what strikes you when you think about others, think about how you can get there too, how you can be better as well. If someone is always prepared for the meeting and have great ideas on the fly, then try to be prepared for the meeting 30 minutes earlier and do some homework so that you can also present ideas. If somebody is well connected to everyone in the office, try connecting to a new person every time you go for a coffee each day.

Ofcourse, you can’t get there in a day time, but it’s worth to know what all things we need to do and get them doing.

Ask Questions

Finally, remember one of the most important fact, that even the smartest, coolest and most successful people you wish for were also like you.

So don’t be afraid to compliment someone who has done good job, ask questions and get more insights on why they are doing certain things in a certain way and why they are more awesome.