TRUSTING yourself is the hardest lesson I have learnt

TRUSTING yourself is the hardest lesson learnt

Everyone of us goes through this phase of life, where we seems to question our own abilities. I remember sometime back, I met a person who was in his rocking phase of life where he used to complete all of his tasks/responsibilities on time, but something changed his life completely which made him to doubt himself and his abilities.

Before we start, this post is dedicated to the person whom I have been knowing for quiet sometime.

--To the Person who had been a Rockstar, ended up having nothing.
--To the Person whom i have known to help others, ended up with no help.
--To the Person providing solutions to others, ended up without solving his own problems.
--To the person who patched up so many relationships, ended up screwing his own.
--To the person who had many clients for his business, ended up with none of them."

Is there anything more disastrous than this? To start our cover story, checkout if you have ever read this quote?

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” --- Honore de Balzac

All of the thought went on "the dark side". What if I am unable to create something new? What if iI am not successful? What if people don't like what I have done? What if the girl whom I love leaves me? What if I leave my job and don't find a new one? What if my dream startup be a failure?

Many of us have above doubts within ourselves. It may also happen that we are always on the creative side but nothing seems to be working. This is a sensitive stage where nothing seems to be turning out good or everything seems to be leading to disappointment. Alternatively, I took up a challenge to turn failure into motivation and this led to a starting point of another creative endeavor.

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When I researched about people who are stuck up in similar situation, I found that I am not the only one. I came to know the fact that I am not alone in the battle of will. It is a struggle of all the creative people, struggle of people who desperately needs a solution for it.

Here are few things which could actually help you to TRUST yourself if you are also in the same trouble:

1) Ground Yourself

Not a recommended option everytime, but when things go wrong or when self doubt arises then it is always good to ground yourself for few days/weeks to find what actually went wrong and how it can be corrected.

2) Getting Rid of Negativity

Negativity is one the things which can bring you down. It is always said that to stay positive, you need to be around positive people. However, if you don't have any positivity, then here's what you can do. Take a paper and list down 5-10 best things about yourself and read out. Do this activity everytime you feel down. And let the magic begins now. You will see a sense of positivism in yourself.

3) Take a Break from life

If you are completely down, I would suggest taking a break, going for a vacation and flushing out all your negativity. Sometimes shifting your focus from doing work to enjoying does help to a great extend. Paint your hands, put on favorite music and move around.

4) Refine Yourself

It's very easy to get lost in the sea of self doubts, but harder to get back. Be sure that you have enough time apart from your work and play to reframe yourself. Make sure to stay healthy, get enough sleep and always enlist top 3 things which made you happy from your everyday schedule.

5) Connecting with People

While it's important to stay away from people who bring you down, it is also important to get connected to people who gives you support and strength. Getting in touch with your friends, family, professional therapist or a coach can really make a big difference. Sometimes just the assurance from others can make us to trust ourselves once again.

So what helps you in overcoming doubts in your abilities?

P.S. This is a real story of a person who went through all of the challenging aspects of life. I hope the next time I see him, he will be out with flying colors.