Why I took up "100 days Writing Challenge"?

Why I took up 100 days Writing Challenge

A lot of people who know me personally would also know that I have been actively maintaining chintanjain.com actively over the last few years. But recently, I have not been able to dedicate time on this (maybe because of lack of motivation and sometime laziness too). Although, I had lot of stories to tell to the world but for some reason that kick which could make me to get this done was always missing.

Even though lot of people have continuously asked me about when is my next story coming up, but still it didn’t motivate me to write until I found this challenge.

Before taking up this Goal, I had a clear idea in my mind about why I want to do this and how will this benefit me in the long term. I still remember the day when we had the induction class for this program, everyone was given a chance to write down their goal. Without thinking for so long, I immediately put a note that I want to write “100 experiences in 100 days”.

Here are few reasons why I took up this challenge

Share Experience

I had lot of experiences in my mind which i have been witnessing over the last few years. For some reason, I have discontinued writing my journey over the last year. Through this medium, I got another chance to expand my horizon and share my experiences with everyone.

Improve Skills

New Challenges always improve your current skills. And that’s probably one of my main reason to get onto it. I would say I was neutral in terms of writing, but I wanted to become good and better too.

Life Satisfaction

Whatever we do in this life is only for satisfaction. Even though I may not be able to follow this after my 100 days, but still it gave me little a sense of satisfaction that I was able to complete this challenge.

No Stone Unturned

I want to set a example in this world that if I believe in something I can do. Then definitely I will get it done.

Leave Comfort Zone

A lot of people are living a stable life (which is good in some sense). However, if I always be in my comfort zone then I would find difficult to learn anything in life.

Build Confidence

Today is the day I have completed this challenge. Ever imagined what would have been a better confidence booster in life than this?

Inspire Others

When I can do it, everyone else can also do it. This single line has changed lot of lives around me and lot of people have started taking up some challenging goals like learning to dance in 60 days, learning a new language in 45 days, learn to cook in 30 days and so on. Isn’t Inspiring?

Social Pressure

Because I gave a commitment to lot of people that I would achieve this goal. I had to work on it everyday and remember that a lot of people have look up to me on this.

And plenty of them more…

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P.S. Like it? Or inspired by this? Why not take up a challenge in life and see how far you can go.