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Why look for God when they are already with you

Parents are real God

Some of us think that there is no existence of god, because we have never seen them. But just imagine, how things happen smoothly, from the birth of a child to the end of the life. While, we might have not seen god, but there is someone who have been seeing all through our life, i.e. our parents.

It is evident that parents are not only the best teacher, but they are also existence of visible god. God cannot be everywhere so they created parents.

Our parents have always cared for our needs, starting from when we were kids, they bought us toys; when we wanted to eat something, they gave us everything they had without any compromise; when we were ready for schooling, they send us to some of the best schools they can afford; when we were going to college for higher studies, they sent us even after having so many financial problems. They have always wished that their son/daughter shouldn’t feel guilty about being poor (or) not having something which they wished for.

Is there anyone who can commit this level of commitment. There is literally no one, because parents are the only one who can do it for us. When we are in a state of confusion, they always suggest us better idea and help us to get rid of the problem. If we don’t like someone and if we try to abuse them then our parents have taken action against us and punished us.

In our current generation, most of us go away from our parents. Either we send them out of our home or we live in a different house. But what we are doing is totally unfair to them.

When we get into old age, we plan to get rid of all our guilt which we have done in our past. But I think if we have already cared about our parents, we would have already finished most of the guilt which we have done in our past.

If we could not give respect to our god (parents) and cannot be with them whenever they want us, how can we even expect good things to come to us in life?

To summarize, I think our parents are the visible god to us. We should always respect them (if we are not) because it has been proven that without blessings of god (parents), nothing is achievable.

To end this, I had recently met a person who has some interesting thoughts on the same topic. So I met this person and I told her that my parents are like god to me. But then she turned back to me and said “No, It’s incorrect. Parents are not like god, they are more than god”. And when I asked her about why she feels this way, she responded saying “God send us into this world with both happy and sad moments, but parents are the only ones who try to give us only happy moments”.

Isn’t true?

We always look for happiness in other people. But our parents are the only one who look their happiness in our world. So why not cherish these moments and let them know what they really mean to you.

And that's exactly why I say "Parents are the real God".