Why/How Single-Tasking is the new MultiTasking?

Why Single-Tasking is the new MultiTasking

Have you ever considered yourself to be a multitasker? Just like how everyone does and are also feeling proud about it.

But you need to ask yourself if you are actually doing multitasking? Not just that, you also have to ask about whether it is a good thing or not.

Why does everyone wants to be multitasker?

Whenever somebody ask us if we can work on additional things while simultaneously working on our current things, we immediately turn up for it and says “I’m a ready”. We are always proud of it, because we feel that this is one of the way by which we can let others know that we are good at doing multiple things at the same time. This is just another way to impress others.

There is no such thing called multitasking

Yes, you heard it correct. Professor Jim Taylor said “There is no such thing as multitasking,” and went on and said what people think is multitasking, is infact serial tasking or switch tasking. He also defined serial tasking as “switching from one task to another in a rapid succession”.

So when you say you are doing multitasking, in reality it means you are typing an email, and then stop by to read some of your important text messages, and then again stop by to answer a business call, and so on.

This is definitely not multitasking. This is switch tasking or serial tasking.

Here’s a good exercise for you to do to know if you are really doing multi-tasking or switch tasking

So if multitasking isn’t possible at all. Are there any scenarios where we can still apply multitasking?

Can people really do multitasking?

Yes, it is possible to do two things at the same time, but the catch is it has to be executed in different parts of the brain. For example: you can drive a car and at the same time listen to music as well. But the brain is definitely not good at typing a text message or watching a video while you are driving - at least not effective.

While this is one of the good example of where we can apply multitasking. But the fact is we can only do multitasking is rare scenarios because our brain cannot give more attention and focus to one task of the same type at a time.

Why Single tasking?

Those who are already familiar with the concept of single tasking will relate to it easily. But for those we are not aware of the real benefits of doing single tasking, I have continued in another article explaining the real benefits of doing one thing at a time.

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