Why do you Deserve the Best in Life?

Why do you Deserve the Best in Life

Many a times we are unhappy with our life, maybe we are not doing good at our job, the relationship is not working well, the place where we live is not comfortable and many others. All of these things does have an impact in our life and to an extent, kill us!

This piece of article is for all those people who need inspiration at the moment. An inspiration to be happy. An inspiration to startup your dream project. An inspiration to end your one-sided relationship. An inspiration to work for yourself. An inspiration to do what you always wanted to do. Why? Because you deserve to be the best.

Before we start out, have you come across the following quotes?

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”
"I want you to know, that you deserve the best."
"People will hurt you, only if you allow them to; don't settle for less when you know you deserve the best."
"You deserve the best life has to offer. But you need to know first how to live life to the fullest."
"You deserve the best things in life and I want to be one of them."

Impressive Case Study

Before I take you on some of the best reason on why you deserve to be the best, let me show you good insights from our case study of a person who always deserved to be the best:

--> He always wanted to be the best in his life.

--> He always wanted to have healthy relationship.

--> He always wanted to startup his own product.

--> He always wanted everybody to love him.

So what happened to the person? Well let's start our cover story from the author himself.

Back in time, when I was young, I was afraid of being myself. I always wanted to make sure that I look competitive to others and tried to be someone else. Because I always wanted people to like and appreciate me for whatever I do, I stated copying them. My thinking was, I always wanted people to love and care for me, no matter even if it wasn't real ME. Well, I really didn't care even if it wasn't the real ME!

But over the time, I have learnt that the more you try to be real , the more you are increasing the count of people who wouldn't like you. And for the fact, it's okay! Real people would always appreciate the time, and worth you for what you tell them or do for them, which was highly inspiring for me.

When i had my first relationship, I changed completely for the person. Why? Because I was so desperate for someone to love me. But while i was in relationship, i never got that care, respect and love. Why? Because of a simple fact that i was playing a role of someone else, which wasn't the real ME!

Believe it or not, but i always had the fear of being rejected. Being rejected would mean that nobody would love me and this made me to be someone else more than ever.

We everyone has this fear of being rejected at some point in our life. But let me tell you, being rejected doesn't always mean that you don't deserve to be the best. Infact rejected and dejected people are the one who make the most of their life when they understand the true meaning of their life.

So he found some of the reasons why people think he deserved to be the best:

1) You are real YOU

You are completely unique in your own form. No one has ever been like you and no one will be in future. YOU are the only person who can control your life. And no matter how many people try to pull you down or may leave you, you always have the choice to decide what to do. It really doesn't matter what people tell you about their life, what matters is what you really think about your own life.

Listen to everyone's advice and do what is correct for you. You are beautiful. You are strong. You have few dreams to achieve and a story to tell people that you are here to make a change in the world, which is completely yours. So are you ready to begin to write your own story?

2) You make people Shine

When i was small, my guru always used to tell me that we all are living lights. We do Glow! And most of us Glow just for others. These are some people who "light up the room" or who "make others smile". You also deserve to be just like them and once you find yourself to be the one, you will be awesome.

You will find happiness coming very often to you because you are confident, happy and full of laughter. To share the light, you don't even have to go anywhere, but you just need to smile wherever you go. Give someone your smile and you will be the one whom people will never forget in their lifetime.

3) You give all you have

This is a renowned fact of people who are always the best. To understand this fact, let me summarize that everyone is born alone and everyone dies alone. To few, this might be very hard to understand but this is the fact of universe that you have to share everything you have because you can't take anything with you when you leave this world.

Remember what I have mentioned earlier, "You are the only one who can make others smile" and this smile comes only if you share! If you are happy and shining all through your day, then do put in efforts to make someone twice as happy as you are. If you are taking care of yourself then do make sure to put in same efforts for others.

So what does it make for you to deserve the best?

P.S. This is a real story of our author who have given permission to share with us. Do share with us!