Chintan Jain

Hi everyone,

Welcome here. Let me introduce myself in short and simple. I am a fun loving guy, dedicated toward work, or maybe even more as i say. With an attitude to inspire others and help everyone grow for their dreams, I have created this portal which would change the way you think about life.

A Special thanks to my bro Avinash Chauhan and Ms. Angel Jain, who keep inspiring me every single day and have provided me with abilities to see dreams with open eyes.

The journey of life has been been fantastic till date, and i am looking forward to even more in my life as i grow myself. Life is not just about single word anymore for me because I have learn so much and would love to share most of it here.

Being a blogger by passion, has given me so much recognition in the society and among various other bloggers, and startup communities. As I say, if you are looking forward to become a brand, then you should definitely read some of the best recommended books to get inspiration, which even i do at most of my times.

And if you want to keep up with what I am up to, the best way would be to follow my journey, which I update regularly to give you best and real life experience of what an entrepreneur has learn for all of his years.

You can mail me on meetchintanjain(at)gmail(dot)com or contact me through Facebook or Twitter. A little appreciation always helps! I would definitely love to read and get back to your mails.

Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by.

Chintan Jain